More Reunion Photos!

Lorraine, Sue, Nancy, and Cindy

Something's got their attention!

Nancy guarding her beer!

Diana, Cathy Geddis, and Cindy. Dave Leary on the side...

Mickey and Stephen enthralled by a Dick W tale!

Cindy, Debbie Lynch, and Janine 

"I was trying to forget about that night!"

Partying at the "Rough"

Beth (Bergeron) Wilson enjoying a cocktail with the Class of '78!

Pam Doore ('79) cathching up with the girls

Cindy, Mark, Mickey, and Mike Albert

And again.....

Cindy and Mick poundin' em wicked hahd!

Cindy and Lorraine

Cindy, Lorraine, and Sue

Cindy, Nancy, Sue, and Lorraine

Cindy, Janine, Sue, Nancy, and Lorraine

Janine with Steve and Natalie Donnell

Lorraine and Mickey

Rick Wills and Robert Ferguson

Tracy and Dave...Ray Cressey to the right

Dave, Rick, and Rick

Cocktail "Hour" at The New England Center

Glen Hayes, Dave Leary, Sherry Hayes, Cindy, Debra, Paul Greenier, Beth Wilson, and Brenda Bracy

Tom, Steve, Rick, and Dave

Janine and Dave

"The Girls"



The Devils Rejects!  :)

"The Class"

Now we know why they're always so happy!!