Reunion Photos



Traip Academy Class of 1978 cutting loose at the reunion!

Dave LaPointe, Rick Wills, John Riemenschneider, Scott Estes, and Dennis Jellison

"Still Crazy After All These Years"

 Dave and Rick sharing some brotherly love


Rick Chute, Mickey (Wissell) Hodgdon, Jeff Wilson, and Tracy Terrence


Nancy (Bell) Kingsbury, Dave Piche, Sue (Carter) Piche, and Lorraine (Walker) Simmons

"Mouse" and "Suds"


Mark Moulton and Michelle 

Diana (Stone) French and Cindy (Bagley) Poulin

 The "Prez" Janine (Dion) Skula

Robert Ferguson, Charlie Lynch, and their ladies

Dean Elmo, Carl Delano, and Fred Soucy looking over some old Mitchell School class pics

The "BM" Brian Miles still thirstin' for the good life!


Mick and Rick

 John and Cindy Poulin 

Rick Chute (or Peter Frampton??!!)

Dennis and Mark

Fred Soucy

Ray and Sharon (Doucette) Cressey

Beth and Jeff Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. John Riemenschneider

Dean Elmo and guest

Charlie Lynch and guest

Mo and Janine (Dion) Skula

Scott and Christy Estes

Stephen and Michelle (Wissell) Hodgdon

Dave LaPointe and Tracy Thompson

Kerri and Mike Dickinson

Dee Dee and Tom Morong

Cindy (Bagley) and John Poulin

Dave and Sue (Carter) Piche

Doug and Brenda (Libby) Bracy

Dan and Nancy (Bell) Kingsbury

Steve Hudson

Rick Chute and Gabrielle

Scott Jackson

Beth (Randall) and Carl Chabot

Robert Ferguson and guest

Paul Greenier

Tom and Sarah Greenier

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Delano

Cindy Tilton and Victor

Dana Draper

Lorraine (Walker) Simmons

John and Susan Hill 

Rhonda and Rick Wills

Steve and Natalie Donnell

Glen and Sherri Hayes

Sally and Dave Leary


Dave Smith and guest

Tom and Linda Baran

Tracy and Dave

Cindy really working on those streamers!

"Hey Mike, isn't this the same clip board Coach threw at you up at OOB?!!"


Members of The "Bridge Club" (and special guests!)

Smitty and John checking out the '78 Ranger Log

Cindy sharing a laugh with the Delanos

Mrs. Delano chatting with Carl and Beth Chabot

John showing his wife Dave Leary's fabulous mane of hair back in the day!  

'Memba drinkin' those quarts of Miller through straws!!

Scott, Dee Dee, and Tom checking out the senior class photo

The Greeniers enjoying the festivities


"The Girls"

Sue, Deborah. Nancy, Lorraine, Mickey, Cindy, and Janine

Janine and Dave talking stategy

Scott offering up a jello shot as Steve digs in

The Prez addresses the class

Rick, Dave Leary. and Robert

Carla, Janine, and Ray

Steve and Mick

Mike and Charlie.......Life on the "Point"

Rick and Gabrielle

Carla and Sharon

"Boogie Fever"

"Get Down Tonight"

"The Bump"

"Stuck In The Middle With You"

John Hill strutting his stuff with the ladies!

"I Wanna Rock!!"

Some kinda weird gypsy dance??!!

"Dancing Queen" Sharon


Linda getting her groove on!

"Slow dancing, swaying to the music"

Scott sharing some class memories

Mmmm.....jello shots and Coronas!

Kerri Dickinson

Class of "78

Still Lookin' Good!